Leadermind is the world’s first serious learning game that simulates leadership behavior’s effect on company business performance.

LeaderMind offers a digital learning platform supported by Artificial Intelligence ( AI) for developing leadership skills and improving productivity by using a scientific model that shows the financial effects of improving the quality of working life. With improved human productivity, your organization can gain a lasting competitive advantage.

With improved human productivity, your organization can gain a lasting competitive advantage. The simulation teaches the right mind-set for creating a winning team. It is a personal AI-powered assistant for every leader that helps to solve work-related problems effectively and bearing mind the long-term benefits.

By using LeaderMind, you can:

Change the approach of supervisors

Enhance supervisors’ leadership skills

Improve Quality of Working Life (QWL)

Improve responding to challenges

Improve business results

Improve the accuracy of KPI ratings

Every leader is different, so are their needs.

We understand today’s managers’ challenges and our passion is developing strategic tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to strengthen your supervisor skills and leadership attitude.

If LeaderMind software is not meeting your needs, we got you covered with these additional features;


Artificial Intelligence Mentor for leaders

AIMO serves as a “Supervisor’s Personal Assistant” in distressing challenges about your business simply by simulating various situations and test the impacts of planned HR-related actions.

Artificial Intelligence robot AIMO is capable of creating simulations such as the financial downturn, growth, and normal scenarios that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and provide you the result for the taken actions.

What can AIMO do for you?

  • Tells proactively how team performance is likely to evolve
  • Indicates an increased risk of sick leave
  • Indicates an increased staff turnover risk
  • Make recommendations for actions on how to improve team performance in a sustainable way
  • Assess the economic benefits of the selected actions over a period of one year.
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Productive Leadership Training Program

Practice the link between the quality of working life and productivity, by a customized workshop designed for you and your employees.

At this workshop, the students get acquainted with LeaderMind simulation as a teaching tool and learn the best management problem solving skills. Each student takes the competency tests in the simulation and practices the effectiveness of supervisory work with the simulation.

You can choose between two training models according to your HR needs, or become a trainer.

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