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Leadership is one of the major sources of competitive advantage for an organization. At the same time, it is very difficult, since it touches on everything from human feelings to business performance. It can be trained through books and lectures but can be learned effectively only in practice. It requires the formation or experiencing and understanding of cause-effect relationships.

AI-powered simulation learning improves leadership for today’s organizations’ challenges. It gamifies learning and is the most effective in creating sustainable competitive advantage through leadership.

LeaderMind Simulation Software

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How Does It Work?

Leadermind is based on solid scientific research. It simulates the leadership behavior effect on human performance and productivity. The simulation includes nearly 30 fields of industry to choose from.

The game scores your performance, keeps detailed records, and acts as a handbook for good HR practices. Even a small improvement in QWL means thousands of euros saved without cutting costs. By changing supervisors’ attitudes and managing human capital, your organization can obtain a lasting competitive advantage.

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