The first scientifically validated digital learning tool with accurate people analytics. It simulates behavioral capital meaning to business performance with following learning focus:

    • Supports learning best-management practices
    • Foster strategic organization management development
    • Test supervisor’s leadership skills and improves them using a reinforcement learning method
    • Gamified learning is an effective way to improve leadership skills and attitude. Learn to improve the quality of working life and business performance.


32 best leadership practices

E-learning material and skill tests

Workplace problems scenarios

Game based problems solving to foster strategy

Leadership Certificates

Complete approved digital leadership course

AI powered HRM-Performance analytics

HR-Managers advisor for strategy implementation

How Does It Work?

Leadership simulation learning game takes into account the theoretical laws of productivity as well as the cause-and-effect relationships related to management.

In addition, the simulation application uses game theory, which allows the supervisor’s behavior to be taken into account:

In the simulation, the supervisor encounters problem situations in the work community and his or her behavior determines the final results.
The application can be used to teach managers to manage in such a way that well-being at work and productivity flourish, which in practice means achieving a superior competitive advantage.