Artificial Intelligence Mentor for leaders

AIMO is Artificial Intelligence robot and acts as a supervisor’s personal sparrer in various challenges in the work community.

Artificial Intelligence robot AIMO is capable of creating simulations such as the financial downturn, growth and normal scenarios that can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation and provide you the result for the taken actions.

How AIMO can help you:

Supervisors react to potential problems too late

Strengthen the importance of weak signals for team performance

Supervisors are uncertain about the profitability (ROI) of the measures

The expected return on the actions are analyzed in monetary payback value

Supervisors don’t know what to do

Analyze the best managerial actions for the supervisor in terms of sustainable development

Good supervision practices are not known and motivation to learn them is weak

Strengthen the motivation of the supervisor with knowledge and produce teaching material in a targeted way

How Does It Work?

AIMO is easy to use and based on Artificial Intelligence. This means, before you take any risky decision, you can model your problem and let AIMO reports you the result of the simulation that he ran.

Artificial intelligence advice follows the principle of sustainable development, which optimizes both the economy and the quality of working life. The selection of measures also takes into account the individual wishes of the supervisors and guides the supervisor to develop his or her management skills.

AIMO Artificial Intelligence Mentor

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